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Bauer in Cyprus for Training Seminar

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

 On 9th April 2008 and after a period of two years, a training seminar was organised on HP Compressors, in association with Bauer of Germany, the world's biggest manufacturer of HP Compressors, in the headquarters of Mercury Divers Co. Ltd. in Limassol.

The training seminar covered the following subjects:

  1. The importance of Standards and Certification. A detailed explanation has been made on the differentiation between CE Marking and what - if any- this implies on the quality with which a certain product is approved. Basically, it has been pointed out that the CE marking means that the specific marked product complies with the Minimum Quality Standards of the category that it belongs to and that the phrase "CE Approved", which is widely used by the ordinary people, is wrong. The CE marking is not necessarily proof of the maximum safety of a certain product or its usage. Last but not least, the CE marking is divided in low, medium and high risk when it refers to HP Compressors and their accessories and this specific CE marking, on the actual HP Compressors, should be followed by a code that corresponds to the risk category that this specific product belongs to.
  2. Presentation of the new HP Compressors Series of Bauer, Poseidon Edition, which is differentiated by the so called Professional Line, which existed until today, offering to the user a simpler and cheaper line of HP Compressors with less features on which the customer can build a more complex HP Compressor by adding extra features, should he wishes to do so.
  3. Presentation of the new Secure System for Filling Tanks, called, RCSI COMPACT confined filling system. This new system is expected to bring about a revolution in the field of safe filling of tanks, in all the relevant services engaged in the filling of HP Cylinders, including Dive Centres because with this new system, the danger of accident or the possibility of causing death to somebody due to an explosion of the tank- for whatever reason- is wiped out.
  4. Explanation of the Filtration Systems of Bauer and their significance in the proper operation of HP Compressors and the health of the Divers.

The main speaker at the seminar was Mr. Jan Albert Van Erkel, the International Sales Manager of Bauer Kompressoren GmbH.

A number of industry professionals, from the Dive Centres of Cyprus, representatives of the Cyprus Marine Police, the Cyprus Fire Brigade and the National Guard attended the Seminar.

The whole seminar was organised and sponsored by Mercury Divers Co. Ltd., the representatives of BAUER in Cyprus.