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Bauer in Cyprus for Training Seminar

Saturday, 13 March 2010

On 11th March 2010 a training seminar was organised on HP Compressors, in association with Bauer Kompressoren GmbH of Germany, the world's biggest manufacturer of HP Compressors, in the headquarters of Mercury Divers Co. Ltd. in Limassol.

The training seminar covered the following subjects:

  1. A very concise explanation was made on which criteria should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable HP Compressor for somebody's filling air needs- whether it is a Fire Brigade Station, a Dive Center, a Military Professional, a Seagoing Vessel etc.   Further analysis was made on the various auxiliaries needed to make a complete filling station system.
  2. Introduction of the redesigned POSEIDON EDITION Bauer HP Compressors.   PE HP Compressors have kept the BAUER Quality and Reliability as a no compromise feature with, however, some changes to the configuration in order to shorten the gap of Bauer price to that of competition.   The result has been to bring about to the World Diving Market the PE Series Bauer HP Compressors having the best possible price/performance ratio when compared with the actual competition of Bauer.   There are two(2) types of POSEIDON EDITION HP Compressors:  (1) Portable, with 100l/min, 200l/min, 250l/min and 300l/min Free Air Delivery,  (2) Stationary, with 250l/min, 300l/min, 320l/min, 500l/min and 680l/min Free Air Delivery.
  3. An analysis was made of the basic principles, functionality and models of purification systems making reference to its maintenance procedures too.
  4. Introduction of the BAUER Pure Air Concept which is not so much a tool but rather a philosophy, based on the following aspects: (i)  Pure Breathing air according to EN12021 becoming the most important uncompromising feature of SCBA or SCUBA, (ii) Processing pure breathing air  requires a suitable and safe infrastructure as well as an adquately ran organisation and skilled employees (iii)  Aforementioned shall be assessed, certified and monitored in order to guarantee a continuous and stable quality level.   The BAUER Pure Air Concept has gained wordwide momentum and is being promoted heavily day by day.

 The main speaker at the seminar was Mr. Jan Albert Van Erkel, the International Sales Manager of Bauer Kompressoren GmbH.

A number of industry professionals, from the Dive Centres of Cyprus, representatives of the Cyprus Navy, the Cyprus Fire Brigade and the National Guard attended the Seminar.

The whole seminar was organised and sponsored by Mercury Divers Co. Ltd, the representatives of BAUER in Cyprus