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Friday, 23 March 2018

Suunto has recently worked hard to get new software releases out for DM5. Suunto has improved DM5’s performance with two releases in the past two months. Focus has been on Suunto EON Core/Steel issues, connectivity challenges related to older devices and iOS performance. Suunto's aim is to constantly improve its customer experience. Find the detailed release notes below. 

Suunto DM5 1.2.57 (March 2018)


-                   Fixed issue with failing software updates on 2016 and newer iOS versions (EON Steel/Core)

-                   Fixed issue with dive log downloading when Windows username has special characters

-                   Improved downloading data from older serial devices (e.g. Zoop, Vyper, HelO2 etc.)

-                   Improved non-serial device detection speed and CPU usage on 2016 and newer Macs

-                   Revised multi-message icon on dive graph


Suunto DM5 1.2.56 (February 2018)


-                   Fixed misplaced tank pressure bar in display customization (EON Core)

-                   Improved error handling and device detection during SW updates (EON Steel/Core)

-                   Removed unsupported option for modifying gases while diving in gauge mode customization (EON Steel/Core)

-                   Removed unsupported pO2 option from prominent gauge mode customization (EON Steel/Core)

-                   Added missing marker on dive graph

-                   Added missing current gas preview image to prominent CC customization (EON Steel/Core)

-                   Added Czech, Danish, and Japanese language options to EON Steel/Core customization

-                   Added used secondary mixtures to exported PDF

-                   Revised some French translations

-                   Revised some Japanese translations


Suunto EON Core - How to customize the prominent view in DM5