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Aqualung Fullsuit Dive 3mm Lady XL
Manufacturer: Aqualung
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Aqualung Fullsuit Dive 3mm Lady XL

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Stock Code:SDSU33XL

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This lady full dive suit is built with high density neoprene so this suit protect the heat of your body also this is resistant to the pressure. Specially designed neoprene shutters on the wrist and the ankle limit the water penetration. For fastening the hood a clip has fitted on to the right thigh before and after immersion.
Shutters on the wrists and ankles of neoprene "smooth skin" limit water penetration.
High-density neoprene type L, resistant to pressure
Coverage of durable polyester, resistant to UV
Zipper on the back site
The clip on the right thigh for fastening the helmet before and after immersion
Anatomical knee
The side and shoulder-slip silicone enhancers belts and belts, increase endurance
Reflective inserts - in the ankles

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