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Aqualung Slingshot Fins Blue L/XL
Manufacturer: Aqualung
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Aqualung Slingshot Fins Blue L/XL

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Stock Code:SFLP38XL

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•A semi-rigid, technopolymer blade has an excellent spring effect for maximized thrust
•Blade ribs are made of two different elastomeric compounds and provide precise flex control
•Silicone Power Bands are loaded with energy during the down stroke, which they release prior to the upstroke for a power boost on every kick
•Three-Speed Gear Shift allows divers to dial in Power Band resistance for their body type or changing diving conditions, and adjustments can be made while wearing the fin
•A Mid-foot Flex Joint is used to attach the blade to the side of the foot pocket. This maximizes energy transfer from the leg and provides the power of a blade 30% longer
•The Mid-foot Flex Joint provides a greater range of blade motion, up to five times that of a standard paddle fin, and reduces strain on the ankle and toes
•Anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the foot pocket provide traction for moving around on boat decks
•Streamlined foot pocket provides an ergonomic fit for excellent energy transfer and accommodates a wide range of dive boots
•ESBS (Ergonomic Strap and Buckle System) uses a press-to-release button that is easily operated, even while wearing thick gloves
•Rubber heel straps are made with anti-aging compounds and have large finger loops at each end and in the middle for easy donning, even when wearing heavy gloves

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