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Manufacturer: Besto-Redding
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Besto Survival XLARGE

Manufacturer: Besto-Redding

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The Besto Survival 150N Lifejacket is a solid foam jacket that was especially designed for 150N buoyancy in heavy weather conditions and for use with rain suits. Sizes 2 and 3 are designed with decorative fabrics for children. The Besto Survival is a low-maintenance jacket.

The 10+1 Safety Points for Survival

1.  The comfortable 3-section collar keeps the head above water.
2.  Lifeline for rapid rescue.
3.  Reflective strips enable tracing in the dark.
4.  Optimal buoyancy thanks to special, supersoft filling.
5.  Strong Nexus synthetic fibre fastening on the waistbelt is easy  to open and  fasten.
6.  Super strong synthetic fibre zips.
7.  Dual suspender belts prevent creeping up.
8.  Extra turning capacity and buoyancy thanks to overlapping front panels.
9.  High Visibility outer fabrics for enhanced visibility.
10. Signaling whistle.

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