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Johnson Bilge Pump Mate
Manufacturer: Johnson Pumps
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Johnson Bilge Pump Mate

Manufacturer: Johnson Pumps

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Submersible bilge pump for pumping bilge water in marine environment. To be installed in the keelson.

• The pump may not be used for other liquids than water/bilge water.
• Always install the pump according to the wiring diagram.
• Always use the fuse required, see ”Design features” below.
• The wire connections must be sealed with a marine sealant.
• Insulation or cable sheathings must be placed above the highest bilge water level.
• Do not run dry.

Type designation
Part No: EU - 32-1015-01

Design features
Max flow 30 l/min/475 GPH
Amp Draw 2 A
Voltage 12 V DC
Fuse size 3 A
Hose size 3/4”
Height 100 mm
Weight 0.35 kg

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