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Johnson Ultima Bilge Pump 1250GPH 12V
Manufacturer: Johnson Pumps
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Johnson Ultima Bilge Pump 1250GPH 12V

Manufacturer: Johnson Pumps

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UltimaBilge™ Pumps are the latest addition to the Johnson Pump brand lineup. Integration of the patented Ultima “field effect” sensing technology into the bilge pump body creates a sleek, reliable compact, unit ready to install and run for years and years of unerring service.
Voltage12 V DC. These pumps will be delivered including both a straight and a 90° smooth elbow Dura-Port.
For UltimaBilge™ 1250GPH we include threaded 1.1/4" & 1.1/8" discharge port.

Delivered with a removable check valve.

The Ultima Bilge pumps may be manually operated via the Johnson Pump bilge control panel.

Dimensions: L=142 mm, W=82 mm, H=105 mm
Weight: 0.66 kg


•Compact, all-in-one unit
•Integrated Ultima Switch sensing right into the pump body
•No Mercury
•Removable clip on basket design
•Removable impeller cover allows for easy clean out
•3-wire device can be run in auto or manual override mode
•No tools needed for maintenance
•Extremely energy efficient
•Water-cooled motor for long service intervals
•Meets the international standard, ISO 8849 marine

Design features
Pump body: ABS
Shaft seal: Lip seal
Shaft: Stainless steel (SS2343)
Voltage: 12 V DC
Hose sizes: 1250GPH: 1.1/4" & 1.1/8"

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