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Reefnet H2YO Underwater Noisemaker
Manufacturer: Reefnet
€24.22 incl. VAT

Reefnet H2YO Underwater Noisemaker

Manufacturer: Reefnet

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Give ReefNet's new "H2YO" a shake to emit a loud and distinctive rattle that can be heard at great distances underwater.
There are many reasons to use an H2YO instead of alternative signalling devices:
•It can't be forgotten on shore/boat like a tank banger since it stays on your BC
•Both sound patterns are unique and easily identifiable. Neither sounds like a tank banger...the days of wondering "who's banging?!" are over
•It doesn't require an air supply like many other noisemakers
•It doubles as a gear identifier (different colours for different people)
•It's virtually indestructible

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