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Star Brite Plastic Scratch Remover 8OZ
Manufacturer: Star Brite
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Star Brite Plastic Scratch Remover 8OZ

Manufacturer: Star Brite

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The fast and easy way to restore the shine and luster to plastic on the boat, the car and around the home. Removes scratches fromeisenglass enclosures, plexiglass windscreens, lexan surfaces, spotlight lenses, navigation lights on the boat, as wellasacrylic,polycarbonateand most other plastic surfaces in the home and on your car. Ideal for making dull automotive brake and sidemarker lights showroom bright and removing the haze from headlamps. Star brite Clear Plastic Restorer is also the easiest way to restore hazy, cloudy headlight covers to line-new clarity. It can be applied by hand or with a buffer. Simply apply a small amount to soft, clean cloth and rub in a circular, overlapping motion. Allow it to dry and then buff with a soft, clean cloth. The results are impressive and fast.

Follow up with an application of Clear Plastic Polish to seal and protect the newly-restored finish.

•Restores hazy or yellowed clear plastic enclosures.
•Removes fine scratches from acrylic, polycarbonate and most other types of plastic surfaces.
•Cleans off stains, salt deposits and surface discoloration.
•Use as the first step in the restoration of deteriorated plastic

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