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Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil 1000ML
Manufacturer: Star Brite
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Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil 1000ML

Manufacturer: Star Brite

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Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil is the finest sealer/preserver/finish for marine teak and other fine woods. Star brite uses premium natural oils that are ultra-refined and chemically modified to form high molecular weight polymers that withstand long-term exposure to salt water and harsh weather. Special high-technology additives are blended in to protect the wood from the sun's damaging UV rays. The result is the ultimate treatment for maximum protection and beauty of teak surfaces. Ideal for use on all fine woods and wood furniture.

•Extra long lasting protection for teak.
•Gives teak a natural warm golden color.
•Easy to use, fast drying.
•Contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist weathering.
•#1 rated teak oil in independent testing.
•Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than standard teak oils.
•Advanced tung oil polymer formula.
•Sealer/Preserver/Finish for Marine Teak
•Also ideal for use on teak furniture and other fine woods
•Ultra-refined oil, polymers and UV inhibitors provide long-lasting protection and beauty
•Enhances the natural wood grain and color of teak
•Brings out the natural beauty of all fine woods
•Delivers a professional-grade finish, even by first-time users
•Penetrates deep into teak and contains UV inhibitors to protect against Sun's drying effects
•Easy to apply; Dries quickly

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