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Vetus Battery Watch BW3 24V Excluding Panel
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
€328.10 incl. VAT

Vetus Battery Watch BW3 24V Excluding Panel

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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This VETUS battery watch controls 3 separate battery banks (e.g. starter battery, lighting battery and battery for the bow thruster) and ensures that all three batteries are charged simultaneously by the engine alternator or by a battery charger.

In actual fact the VETUS battery watch is: •a three-way battery splitter, with no voltage drop
•a safeguard/alarm when low voltage occurs
•a switch on/off relay for the lighting battery
•a trickle charger of the batteries for starting and the bow-thruster (limited to 3A charging current), when using a combined charger/inverter.
The Battery Watch also features a relay that automatically disconnects the domestic (lighting) battery before it is completely discharged. This will considerably enhance the life span of the battery.

Technical data:
For 24 Volt electrical installations. Features a three-way battery splitter, suitable for an alternator with a maximum charging current of 125 A with no compensation of the alternator required.
Isolating relay 70 A for the lighting battery.
May be switched on or off from the control panel. Automatic switch-off when the lighting battery reaches a too low voltage. Switch-off voltage: 10.5 Volt (22 V) with a one minute delay (impervious to brief peak loads). Switch-on voltage: 11.5 Volt (23.5 V) Dimensions of the distribution block (w x d x h): 220 x 87 x 133 mm. Weight: 1,7 kg.
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