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Vetus Exhaust Hose 51mm
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
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Vetus Exhaust Hose 51mm

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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VETUS rubber exhaust hose, Ø 51 mm inside ( 2")

Code: SLANG50
Thanks to increased spiral reinforcement and a more supple type of rubber, VETUS exhaust hoses are now even stronger, as well as more flexible. The increased flexibility cuts down valuable installation time across the whole size range. The 30, 40 and 50mm sizes are perfect for generator and small engine installations in tight spaces, whilst the larger diameters flex well - even on short joining lengths.

VETUS exhaust hoses have Lloyd’s Register of Shipping approval and also meet the requirements of the SAE J2006 R2 standard. They are temperature resistant between -30° and + 100°C, with brief peak temperatures of 115°C.

The rubber exhaust hose is the most flexible hose available, because of the large number of spiral turns and the smooth EPDM rubber.

Price is per metre.

Additional Information

Internal diameter (mm) 51
External diameter (mm) 59
Weight (kg) 1,1
Max. pressure (bar) 4
Bending radius (mm)


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