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Vetus Flexible Coupling Type Bullflex 25mm
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
€359.55 incl. VAT

Vetus Flexible Coupling Type 2 Bullflex 25mm
Vetus Flexible Coupling Type 2 Bullflex 25mm

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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The Vetus Bullflex Coupling has been specially designed to ensure optimum damping of vibration, with excellent ease of installation.

Its pre-tensioned rubber element ensures low-noise and vibration-free transmission, without backlash between the engine and the propeller shaft.

Another strong point of the Bullflex coupling is the excellent alignment; even with a misalignment of 2°, the shaft will remain perfectly centered.

•Optimum damping of vibrations
•Secured against shearing off (axially and radially)
•Misalignment of up to 2° permissible
•Excellent centering of the shaft, allowing for high shaft revolutions, even at 2° misalignment
•The shaft will remain centered even in reverse gear
•Possibility to remove the centering ring
•Built-in thrust damper
•Non-tapered clamping hub, for perfect centering and easy assembly/dismantling
Which Size Bullflex Coupling do I need?
The calculation is fairly simple - to determine the HP/100 r.p.m ratio figure the equation is:
(Engine HP x 100) / The maximum speed of the propeller shaft.

Technical Data
Bullflex Coupling Specification
  Bullflex Type: 2
  Pleasure Craft Ratio (HP): 2.1
  Commercial Craft Ratio (HP): 1.3
  Max Torque (Pleasure): 150 Nm
  Max Torque (Commercial): 90 Nm
  Max RPM (Zero Misalignment): 6500
  Max RPM (2° Misalignment): 3250
  D mm: 120
  L mm: 120
  d mm: 25
  d inch: n/a
Dimensional Details
  Model: Bullflex Type 2 - 25mm
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