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Vetus RW55VN DHR All Round White 12/24V, 110/220V
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
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Vetus RW55VN DHR Allround White

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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For all seagoing vessels with a length less than 50 metres
For all vessels  in Rhine and (European) Inland navigation
According to International  Regulations for preventing Collisions at Sea,COLREG’72 and latest amendments,by:NL-RA-AUS-B-CND-CN-DK-FIN-F-GR-IS-IND-IL-I-N-PL-ZA-E-S-GB-USA-RUS
According to Rhine and (Dutch) Inland Water Police Rules (RPR/BPR) and recognised by : B-CH-D-F
Codification: NATO
Approval number:
In compliance with COLREG’72 resp.RPR/BPR
Mat black polycarbonate reinforced with fibre glass
Stainless steel 316,seawater resistant, non magnetic
Fresnel polycarbonate lens, shock resistant ,interchangeable
Wiring: Cable gland Pg9, cable entry optional from below or side
Bay15d* 220V 53W 40cd
Bay15d* 110V 47W 40cd
Bay15d   24V  25W 40cd
Bay15D  12V   25W 40cd
                                                     *for seagoing vessels only
Base or bracket mounting for sectional lights
Base mounting or hoistable for all round lights


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