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Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
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Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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For exhaust hose with internal diameters of 60mm, to be used with a long length of exhaust hose. These Waterlocks are provided with a drain plug.

A Vetus Waterlock will collect the cooling water present in the system when the engine is stopped. In addition, a Vetus Waterlock has great sound-deadening capabilities and acts as a very efficient muffler. The size of the water lock is not only determined by the diameter of the exhaust hose, but also by the quantity of water that must be collected.

Capacity: 10.5 Litres.

Technical Data
Vetus Waterlock Details
  Model: LP60
  Drawing: Vetus LP Waterlock
  External Dia: 60 mm
  Capacity: 10.5 litres
  Material: Synthetic
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