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Westerbeke 4.0 BCDB-514,50hz,4kw Generator & Sound Guard SST
Manufacturer: Westerbeke Corporation
€10,099.50 incl. VAT

Westerbeke 4.0 BCDB-514,50hz,4kw Generator & Sound Guard SST
Westerbeke 4.0 BCDB-514,50hz,4kw Generator & Sound Guard SSTWesterbeke 4.0 BCDB-514,50hz,4kw Generator & Sound Guard SST

Manufacturer: Westerbeke Corporation

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Generator Design
DESIGN: Brushless, four pole, revolving, power takeoff. TEMPERATURE RISE: Within NEMA MG1-22.40 definition when
VOLTAGE REGULATION: Standard +/- 5% no load to full load. operating at full load.
FREQUENCY REGULATION: 3 Hz (5%) no load to full load. COOLING: Cast centrifugal blower, direct connected.
INSULATION: Class “H”, as defined by NEMA MG1-1.65. ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE LEVEL: Exceeds requirements
for most marine radio-telephones and standard TVs.

Model Volts Amps Hertz Phase  Wire   Power Factor KW  RPM  Start 
4.0BCDB-514 230 17.3 50  1  4  1.0  4  1500  Remote


Number of cylinders 3 Cylinder vertical in-line

Type 4 cycle

Displacement 49.31 cu. in. (.808 liter)

Bore and stroke 2.76" x 2.76" (70.0 mm x 70.0 mm)

Compression ratio 23:1

Rated rpm 50 Hz - 1500 rpm

HP @ 1800 rpm 9 hp

Maximum angle of operation Not to exceed 25° in all directions

Exhaust elbow connection 2" OD (50.8mm)

Sea water connection 1" OD (25.4mm)

Dry weight 336 lbs. (152.4 kilos)

Combustion system Swirl type

Aspiration Naturally aspirated

Lubrication system Forced lubrication by gear pump

Cooling system 4 quarts (3.78 liters)

Starting aid 12 volt sheathed type glow plug

Full load fuel consumption 0.54 GPH (2 LPH) (approx.)

Fuel injection pump Bosch type, with solenoid shutoff

Governor Centrifugal type

Injectors Throttle type

Fuel Filter Secondary, replaceable type

Fuel transfer pump 12 volt electric type

Fuel supply and return piping 1/4" ID (6.35 mm) minimum

                                           3/8" ID (9.53 mm) maximum
Lube oil filter Full flow, spin-on element

Lubricant capacity 3.2 quarts (3.05 liters)

Starting motor 12 volt, solenoid, actuated shift

Battery charging 17 amps, regulator type

Cold cranking amps 190 amps

Electrical system 12 volts DC, negative ground

4.0 BCDB - 50 Hz

  • Cylinders:3
  • Length:27.20 in.
  • Bore:3.23 in.
  • Width:16.30 in.
  • Stroke:2.17 in.
  • Height:20.70 in.
  • Displacement:49.00 cu. in.
  • Weight:336.00 lbs.
  • Aspiration:Natural


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