Industrial Safety Equipment - Mercury Diving, Swimming, Yachting, Safety Equipment in Cyprus

We feel proud to fulfull the need of providing a safe industrial environment by offering high quality Safety Products and in specific breathing apparatus, personal protection equipment and gas detection equipment.

The pool of our customers include various factories, fire service, pharmaceutical industy, oil storage plants, sewerage plants, shipping companies, the government and a number of semi government institutions.


  • Draeger Tubes
  • Portable Instruments
  • Stationary Gas Detection
  • Alcohol & Drug Detection
  • Indoor Air Detection
  • Draeger Sensors
  • Flame Detection
  • Combustion gas analysis
  • Bioligical substances detection

Personal Protection

  • Air Purifying Respirators
  • Escape Equipment
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Body Protection
  • Draeger CVP 5220 Comfort Vest
  • Equipment and User Monitoring
  • Test Equipment
  • Filtering Systems


  • Professional Equipment
  • Semi Closed Circuit Apparatus

Fire Training Gallery
In 2006, our company won the Tender for the installation and commissioning of a BA Stationary Crawling Gallery for the Defence Fire & Rescue Service of the British Forces at the Episkopi Garrison.

Together with our Principals, Messrs Draeger Safety AG & Co. KGaA, we undertook this project and delivered to the British Forces the first Fire Training Gallery of this type in Cyprus.

HP Breathing Air Compressor

  • HP Compressors and consumables
  • Air Quality Testing Devices

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