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Company Description

As from 17th October, 2017 our company has changed its name from Mercury Divers Co. Ltd. to M.D.I Mercury Co. Ltd.

You may have also noticed that our logo has also changed, undergoing a slight differentiation to better reflect the whole spectrum of our company’s activities. 

Mercury provides solutions to the sea lovers, enabling them to create infinite moments, on their quest to explore their love for the sea.

Mercury is committed in offering the right solutions for:

  1. Yachting lovers
  2. Diving lovers
  3. Industrial Safety


A comforting experience every day


To change the way people experience shopping

Company Values

  1. We are people oriented
  2. We focus on solutions
  3. We build long term relationships with our customers
  4. We bring happiness


  • Professional look
  • Contrinuous learners
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • On Time
  • Always thinking of others
  • Team Players
  • Professional Behavious

Our People

Our people are continuously focused in team work for finding solutions to serve each other better and to deliver a positive experience to people

Our Offices
Our company's Showrooms and Offices (2000sqm) - are situated between the Old Port and the New Port of Limassol and 200m from the new Limassol Marina.