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  • Bauer PE100-TW-230V 50Hz HP Compressor Shooting Version

    PE 100 high-pressure compressor – Robust technology in a compact design.

    The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest unit in the PE series.

    Its possible uses are virtually unlimited: with three drive options (petrol, three-phase current and alternating current), it is suitable for use in all manner of different applications on land or in vehicles.

    Ideal as a breathing air compressor for groups of divers and fire crews or for the rapid filling of cartridges for sport shooting and paintball.

    PE100-TW: POSEIDON Air Compressor –Shooting Version– Alternating current Motor, 2.2 kW

    Note:  When ordering please specify operating pressure (225 bar / 3200 psi or 330 bar / 4780 psi)

    Delivery Time: 3 working weeks after the placement of the order.

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