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Mastervolt IVO Compact 12V/25A-3 Battery Charger
Manufacturer: Mastervolt
€483.95 incl. VAT

Mastervolt IVO Compact 12V/25A-3 Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Mastervolt

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12/25-3: ideal for marine and mobile systems
The 12/25-3 is fitted with a temperature controlled fan and is able to charge three batteries simultaneously with a total maximum charge rate of 25 amps to two batteries. A third 3A output can be connected to the starter battery. All types of batteries can be charged: gel cells, AGM or wet batteries. Another important feature is the automatic compensation for low incoming shore power. Even at 180V AC, the charge current will be at maximum. A slight reduction will follow
after connection to a 117V shore power connection. All models are equipped with a LED status indicator displaying the stage of the charge cycle: bulk-absorptionfloat (battery fully charged). Automatic voltage compensation and temperature compensation are standard features. An extended remote panel is optional.

Model IVO Compact 12/25-3

Article number 43012500

Charge current (total) at 230VAC 25A

Number of outlets two equal outlets + one 3A slave

Charge characteristic IUoUo / 3-stage / automatical / DIN 41772

Charge voltage Absorption (25°C) 14.25V

Charge voltage Float / wet (25°C) 13.25V

Charge voltage Float / gel (25°C) 13.8V

Input voltage range AC 180-250V AC (90-140V AC)

Max. absorption time, reduced output 6 hours (adjustable)

Frequency 50/60Hz

Full load consumption (230V AC) 419VA

Power factor / cos phi 0.99

DC consumption with connected battery

Automatic voltage compensation auto sense

Temperature compensation 30mV/°C

Temperature range 0°C to +60°C, fully safeguarded against overheating and short circuiting

Cooling variofan

Harmonised standards • generic emission and disturbances standard: EN 55014-1:1993

• generic harmonic current emissions: EN61000-3-3:1995

• generic & safety accreditations immunity standard: EN 55014-2:1997

• electrostatic discharge: EN 61000-4-2:1995

• electrical fast transients: EN 61000-4-4:1995

• surge transient: EN61000-4-5:1995

• conducted radio frequency disturbances: EN61000-4-6:1996

• voltage dips: EN 61000-4-11:1994

Battery capacity (recommendation) 50-450 Ah

Suitable as power supply without battery yes

Dimensions, hxwxd. in mm / inch 228x153x82 / 9x6x3.2

Protection degree IP21

AC cable 1.5 meter / 5 ft (included) 3x 0.75 mm2 / AWG 18

DC cable 1.5 meter / 5 ft (included) 6 mm2 / AWG 9

Weight 1.8 kg / 4 lbs

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